Safe Instant sterilization within seconds with UVC light rays. Harmless for human cells, including skin and eye cells. Efficient Effective Eliminates effectively all known bacteria and viruses
(incl. SARS-CoV-2 and MRSA).
sterilization Cutting-edge Puray is developing easy to use devices for sterilization with UV Light. We do not use any chemicals or alcohol and create no waste through disposables.
One of a kind Puray urinary catheter *Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infection learn more The first and only catheter that
actively prevents CAUTI*. Without
antibiotics. And with no changes
in workflow.
Martin Introducing Eduardo Erick M. Sc. Nanotechnology
M. Sc. Management
Responsible for sales and market research
Chrissy Supported by Hi, we are Puray B. Sc. Mechatronics
M. Sc. Micro and Nanotechnology
Responsible for product development
B. Sc. Bioengineering
M. Sc. Biomedical Computing
Responsible for scientific experiments and QM
M. Sc. Industrial Design
Executive MBA
Responsible for strategy and business development
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